Saturday, December 06, 2008

Luck like you wouldn't believe (drain connection)

The full story of the drain connection is the subject of a long and lucky story. The short story is that I am the luckiest builder on earth for 4 reasons
1. The water main was 2 mm above our drain pipe
2. The street drainage pipe was 0.2mm above our drain pipe
3. The connection point of the drain was exactly 80mm below our 8m run (giving us our 1:100 fall by the skins of our teeth.
4. No sooner had we filled in our trench with type 1 hardcore but the "water man" turned up and agreed to tarmac the trench at a great saving.

I am grateful. And to Hall Mossman my groundworks contractor, many thanks!

We are now fully connected to water, electricity and gas. The heating is on!

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