Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been deliberating and worrying about the finish of our daikokubashira. A friend of mine suggested burning the timber which I've heard of but was concerned about the method of finishing. He then found me a link to a house blog in San Diego (*edit) which has cladding finished as Shuo-sugi-ban. Sugi is of course Japanese cedar so I'm guessing mine might be shou-kashiwa-ban? Kashiwa being oak... (edited by Makiko who thinks haku is a misreading of kashiwa)

Here are a few of's images (they didn't mind) but the post above is really good and worth reading.

The final finish - Brazilian Rosewood Oil - is regarded as ecologically unsound read more here.

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Ken said...

No problem - the house is actually in San Diego. I like what you're doing with your house 2 kotasu - nice. BTW - we're thinking of going to Matsushima in August since we're going to Aomori. Any recommendations?